Available Workshops

Writing For Performance Persona
During the Writing for a Performance Persona workshop we will explore various exercises designed to help you access deep crevasses of your personal experience that can become the driving desire behind a performance persona. The goal is not to leave the workshop with a developed piece of work, but rather to learn some new ways of accessing material within yourself. Writers, performers, dancers, drag showgirls, thinkers, visual artists all welcome!

Here are some of the activity titles (without explanations - you can just use your imagination for now):

• All about my mother
• Ultimate fighting machine
• Personal ad for dad
• Heartbreaking singer/songwriter

Creativity Hurdles Workshop
This workshop focuses on identifying and untangling various creative blockages that prevent us from accessing our truest most inspired places.  These beasts can take many forms - from blocks that are reinforced culturally to just old crap we carry around with us.  Learn some new tools to get through these thorny SPIRIT blockages and move THROUGH with your ART.

And, as our cups overrunneth with information, ideas, emotions, concepts, visual wonders, memories, passions, politics, - sometimes it is hard to access these gems, let alone shape them into something that can be "seen" clearly.  We will explore writing exercises to get into these conceptual file cabinets and play with what's in there.