Brothers and Sisters and Motherfuckers

Dynasty Handbag is hosts the family holiday dinner that is a messy mash up of passive-aggression, fart jokes, personality meltdowners. Everyone has something to bring to the table, and when all become deathly ill after greedily scarfing up, all are suspect of bringing in the virus. Who is the motherfucker who would infect everyone? It must be DH...she is the HOST after all. Find out when a family secret is revealed and an antidote must be found...or else! Using live performance and 4 on-stage video screen projections of family members, all performed by Ms Handbag, BSMF is a tour de farce of comedic acting skills as well as a film editors nightmare.

Presented by PS122
Written, Performed and Directed by Jibz Cameron
Camera, Video Edit, Animation by Amy Von Harrington
Sound Design by Jibz Cameron
Sound Mix by A.V. Linton
Projection and Set Design by Lauren Brown
Costumes by Hayden Dunham
Hair n' Makeup by Holli Smith

live photos by Liz Ligouri
set photos by Lauren Brown