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Creativity Workshoppe with Jibz Cameron

4-Part Performance and Creativity Workshoppe with Jibz Cameron
Thursday, July 21st 7-9pm;
Friday, July 22nd, 7-9pm;
Saturday, July 23rd, 12:30-2:30pm;
Sunday, July 24th, 12:30-2:30pm;
$140 WCCW Member / $160 Regular

Part I
Soul crushing creative blockage defense class

Part I of the workshop series focuses on identifying and untangling various creative blockages that prevent us from accessing our truest most inspired places.  These beasts can take many forms – from blocks that are reinforced culturally to just old crap we carry around with us.  Learn some new tools to get through these thorny SPIRIT blockages and move THROUGH with your ART.

Part II
Getting ideas out

All of our cups overrunneth with information, ideas, emotions, concepts, visual wonders, memories, passions, politics, – and sometimes it is hard to access these gems, let alone shape them into something that can be “seen” clearly.  Part II of our workshop series will introduce some writing exercises to get into these conceptual file cabinets and play with what’s in there.  

Part III
Physical rubberbanding i
As a performer – we have one tool.  Our brains. Just kidding. Our bodz!  That means we have to practice getting out of the the mind and into the bod.  Part III is about physicalizing aspects of the discoveries made in Parts I and II of the workshop.  Let’s work it out!

Part IV
Self producing productions

Sometimes its very difficult to find a spot to present your brilliant opususus (opusi?).  Many of us don’t want to necessarily present in conventional performances spaces.  Or there just simply are not enough spaces that suit our needs.  Or we just can’t find something!  Learn how to produce your own show.  We will look at all the details of self producing in its imperfect glory: finding a space, programming a solid event, social media outreach, contracts, dealing with $, working with friends, where to buy cheapest La Croix.  




Later Event: August 14