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Weirdo Night - April 24th

  • Zebulon Los Angeles (map)

Weirdo Night with DYNASTY HANDBAG, D'Lo, Julius Smack, Wizard Apprentice, Josef Kraska (video) DANCE-Y-OKE + More!

is queer/transgender Tamil Sri Lankan-American actor/writer/comic. You’ve seen D’Lo in LOOKING (HBO), TRANSPARENT (Amazon), SENSE 8 (Netflix), Mr. ROBOT (CW) and the Emmy nominated mini-doc series THIS IS ME produced by Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker. He also can be found in the documentary based on his life/work called PERFORMING GIRL and Sundance Fellow Adelina Anthony’s film BRUISING FOR BESOS as Rani. He’s also been featured in Buzzfeed & Fusion videos, and in many webseries including EASTSIDERS, DYKE CENTRAL and Issa Rae's Color Creative & Project Greenlight produced MINIMUM WAGE and his own series PRIVATE DICK. He tours his solo shows (stand-up & theater) on the university/college circuit, facilitates writing and performance workshops nationally, and is also a co-producer with a nationally touring group of Asian American comics - Disoriented Comedy.

is a statue awoken from antiquity. His performances propose a “storybook realness" incorporating vogue-inspired dance and a dissonance between digital textures and classical instrumentation. He has released two albums on Practical Records, an artist-run label that he founded in 2013.

is an independent electronic music producer, motion graphics and live performance artist. As a highly-sensitive introvert, her multimedia projects are strategies for energetically managing an overwhelming world. Her music is a combination of lyrical precision, minimalistic composition, and technically amateurish charm. She creates digitally-based media that takes advantage of accessible, user-friendly technology; allowing her to skip time consuming learning curves and get straight to focusing on inventing personalized yet highly relatable language for deeply subtle and internal experiences. She's not a gear-head, rather, a digital folk artist who vividly and simplistically expresses her inner world using resourcefulness and honesty. Her video work incorporates green screen graphics, digital puppetry, and minimalistic compositing to produce imagery that’s cerebral, psychedelic, campy, and hypnotic. She combines song and video to create multimedia live performances that explore intimate emotional themes ranging from the challenges/triumphs of being an empath to overstimulation in the Internet Age.

aka Babe E., leads a full life in his home studio: composing music, animating, directing his friends around, playing dress-up, and crafting seasonal “wreoths” to share with his friends and family. Making music videos for Peppré Ann to star in, is his main motivation. He has recently directed music videos for Bushwick superstar, Macy Rodman, as well as provided visuals for Colin Self’s opera Siblings (Elation VI), which premiered at MoMA PS1 last month. Joseph hopes to one day bring Peppré Ann to a theater near you! 

DANCE-Y-OKE is a dance party wherein the crowd dances along to amazing music videos with fresh ass dancing in them. ala Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Beyoncè, Salt-N-Pepa. see you on the donz floohr!


Earlier Event: April 15
Later Event: July 20