I, An Moron

I, An Moron is Dynasty Handbag's falling-apart stand-up show that takes a googley-eyed macroscopic look into post-Trump North American activism and its myriad ways to “resist” while still enjoying prison labor pour-over coffee and nut milk. A “queering” of the one-woman show, I, An Moron critiques this time-honored form of feminist expression by highlighting the shortcomings and evil origins of the white heterosexual female struggle. Topics covered include: jars as activism, white babies, Rihanna's blue-collar anthem celebrating the proletariat, and an analysis/jazz dance number about coyote discrimination in Hollywood as a metaphor for complete global destruction. Show is updated to include horrible current event jokes. Day of show events even!  

This project made possible by NYPAC and Hammer Museum.



Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (premier)
Joe's Pub, NYC
The Lab, San Francisco, CA
PNCA, Portland, Oregon