In Vertititgo, Dynasty Handbag creeps around the stage in sluethful vengeance as "Detective Bags" who is on the search for a missing woman, or is it every woman...or could she is the very woman she is looking for? Inverting film noir tropes and Hitchockian formula, Verititgo stars Dynasty Handbag as the lady dick without a clue, and meets herself in all the characters along the way...a demented femme fatale, a bitter fortune teller, an astronaut/waitress, a professional boxer, a disillusioned flower and a wise but stupid bear. Vertititgo is a tale about the way we look for things and the things that are worth looking for and how the two things rarely meet.

Written, Performed and Directed by Jibz Cameron
Creative Consultation by Kate Valk
Sound Design by Mateah Baim
Costumes by Hayden Dunham

performance photos by Alex Escalante

performance dates:
Dixon Place (Mondo Cane! Commission), July, 2011