Remote Penetration

This is a story about a man who goes to work everyday as a drone operator. When he is done with his shift, he goes home to his wife and children and has dinner. His waves of violence penetrate the family unit. His destruction is felt for miles and miles, at the dinner table to places far away that he will be forever linked to in the minds and hearts of those he hurts. His children feel the vibrations. They know. But they are also his children so there is heroism involved and desire to be loved. The drone operator is also lonely, because he is not on the ground with other military persons who understand the pain of the violence they are connected to, and there is little support for him, although he may not think he needs it.  I know it doesn't look like it's about such stuff of the mind, but it is!

Written & Directed by Jibz Cameron
Camera, Edit, Animation by Josef Kraska
Costume Design by Hayden Dunham
Production Assistance by Eric Augenbach

Made with the generous support of The Kindle Project and MOCA TV Los Angeles
Original screening MOCA TV 2013