The Dynasty Handbag Show

An online magazine video true story collage of how DH tried to make a TV show and it was a disaster/painfullearning experience.

By Jibz Cameron and Hedia Maron

Remote Penetration


This is a story about a man who goes to work everyday as a drone operator. When he is done with his shift, he goes home to his wife and children and has dinner. His waves of violence penetrate the family unit. His destruction is felt for miles and miles, at the dinner table to places far away that he will be forever linked to in the minds and hearts of those he hurts. His children feel the vibrations. They know. But they are also his children so there is heroism involved and desire to be loved. The drone operator is also lonely, because he is not on the ground with other military persons who understand the pain of the violence they are connected to, and there is little support for him, although he may not think he needs it. Remote Penetration also abstractly explores the stain of violence on american consciousness from it's foundation of slaughter and slavery. Enjoy!

Directed by Jibz Cameron
Animation by Josef Kraska
Costumes by Hayden Dunham
Production Assistance by Eryk Aughenbaugh

A Dream Is Not A Life

Performance artist Dynasty Handbag's uninformative, disturbingly hilarious mockumentary based on Beyonce's recent bio-pic.

Directed /Shot /Edited by Hedia Maron
Produced by Jibz Cameron

Hands of Shame

Eternal Quadrangle
eternal quadrangle

Written, Directed, Performed by Jibz Cameron
Camera by Hedia Maron
Produced by Hanna Wilde
Editing and Animation by Andrea Merkx
Addtional edit and Animation by Hedia Maron
Sound Recording by Gavin Hecker
Lighting and Set Design by Lauren Brown
Costume Design by Hayden Dunham
Sound Design by Jibz Cameron
Post Production Sound by Mike Flannery
Production Assistance by Sophia Cleary
Additional Animation by Brigit Rathsmann and Jibz Cameron

screening premier, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC, 2012

The Quiet Storm

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After a communication meltdown Dynasty Handbag decides to take a vow of silence. She soon discovers that silence is golden, but the kind of golden that leads her into a vacuum of isolation and despair.Shot entirely on green screen using pirated internet photos as backdrops and in place of other actors, The Quiet Storm is both a dream and nightmare of contemporary video production.

Written and Directed by Jibz Cameron and Hedia Maron

Selected Screenings:

U.S. Contemporary Music Video Cycle in Santiago, Chile, 2008
16th Mix Brasil Film and Video Festival of Sexual Diversity, Sau Paulo, Brazil, 2008
ATA Film and Video Festival, San Francisco, CA, 2008
U.S. Contemporary Music Video Cycle, Santiago Chile, 2008
VidFest: Hi-Performance Video and Music Festival, Boston, MA, 2008
SXSW Film Festival, 2008
London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2008
Rubell Collection, Miiami,FL, 2007
OUTFEST, Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, 2007

Break Up Day


Directed by Jibz Cameron
Camera by Zari Esaian
Spooky co-star - KimAnn Foxmann

I Can't Wait


Directed by Jibz Cameron
Camera by Indra Dunis
Edited by Sue Costabile